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Art Trading Cards Vs ACEO – There is Only One Difference!

Art Trading Cards (ATC) and ACEO (Art Card Editions and Originals) are both created based on a common standard. Both art trading cards and ACEO must meet the requirement of 2.5 x 3.5 inches. The difference lies in how the art cards are distributed to the masses. Art trading cards are, most obviously, for trading and ACEO’s are produced to be bought and sold. There lies the only difference between the two and that difference has received much debate.The difference may seem minor to someone unfamiliar with the art card movement, however, there is huge debate over the two forms of artists cards. Either be a trader or be a seller. In the world of art cards, there is no in between. Unless a newbie to the art card movement has done some homework, they may end up getting snubbed by some very talented artists. This two sided debate leaves out people who are interested in both trading and buying/selling.

There are collectors and producers of artists cards who wish not to choose a side and want to produce art cards with the intention to trade, buy and sell. They want to establish their reputation as an artist and communicate with other artists, so they trade. They also want to make a name for themselves and let the public be able to obtain fine art cards for a minimal price, so they produce artist cards to sell. Some of these same people also collect artists cards, so they buy them, too! Finding information about buying/selling and trading art cards in one place may be challenging. Fortunately, since many art card artists and collectors wish to both trade and buy or sell, more information is slowly becoming available. This information does not take the side that one form of art card publication is superior than the other. For more information about both trading and buying or selling art cards visit